The only reason to leave home,

is to go somewhere better.

~ Anonymous brilliant person

Shawn digs travel. Inhales it. Envision the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown with a small side of Anthony Bourdain. Shawn grew up abroad, and sort of left her heart there. Now she’s on a bender to assemble and share the most comprehensive list of, “Before you die / If you win the lottery / I don’t ever want to leave here”, places to go.

Devilishly sublime, picturesque hotels. One of kind eats that are charming local haunts and buzzy, “must-nosh’s”. Splurgey, bucket list worthy, soul shattering splendor. Chic Hideaways. Boutique Getaways. Those places that leave you in awe. The ones you talk about forever. And if they blow your budget along the way, they’ve done their job. Just do yours and save up. It’s so worth it.

How often can you escape duty. Press pause on routine and expectation, the tyranny of appointments, schedules. When you can, dream big. Vacation big. At least once in your life. And if you can, Shawn knows just where you should go…