She’s baked cakes for Martha Stewart. Ripped scripts for Dan Rather. Worked out with Marie Osmond. And chased hurricanes with a microphone in tow.

TV Host. NBC Apprentice. News Anchor & Reporter. Add to that, word acrobat, warrior dreamer, amateur psychologist, gifted over analyzer, and obsessed wanderlust traveler.

Shawn was born outside Detroit and spent her earliest years dancing and acting in community theatre. At the age of 11 she and her family moved to Mexico City, Mexico where she lived for 4 years while attending the International American School Foundation. Shawn graduated from Penn State University in State College with a degree in Marketing (and a very full passport). During her matriculation she scratched her itch for travel by studying in Geneva, Switzerland, where the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) were regular hangouts.

After college Shawn moved to NYC. She was chosen as one of a select handful of applicants to join the prestigious CBS Page Program. For the next two years, Shawn worked for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, The Late Show with David Letterman, and CBS’ 60 Minutes, running coffee and logging tapes. Shawn’s career in front of the camera began in Rochester, New York as a general assignment reporter at FOX affiliate WUHF-TV. After that came WRGB-TV, the CBS station in Albany’s ‘Capital Region’, and finally Orlando, where Shawn was the weekday morning co-anchor for CBS Channel 6, WKMG-TV.

In 2005, reality TV mega mogul Mark Burnett, the executive producer and creator of NBC’s The Apprentice franchise, launched a primetime Martha Stewart Apprentice. From tens of thousands of nationwide applicants, Burnett chose Shawn as one of 16 cast members to compete for a job working for the domestic diva. Something Shawn said, “Fake it ‘til you make it”, got her fired third. Martha may not have been a big fan of Shawn’s success motto, but since then the catchphrase Shawn popularized on reality TV has reverberated through all of pop culture and media. And in a funny twist of fate, Shawn now works closely with Martha and her QVC apparel line in deliriously fun and playful live segments on Shawn’s weekly fashion shows.

In 2007, Shawn signed on to be a national program host for e-commerce and TV shopping giant QVC. Thrilling. Crazy. Awesome. Hysterical. Like chewing gum while juggling flaming swords while peddling a unicycle in a windstorm. Spontaneous, unscripted, unfiltered. Shawn has mastered the art of live entertainment and engagement. With no teleprompter to guide her, Shawn broadcasts live 3 to 4 hours a day, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales, entertaining millions of viewers, and even spurring parodies of her on E!’s legendary Talk Soup show.